First Steps for Suppliers

Nothing could be simpler, the Green accord is uncomplicated and practical.

Your first step is to register for the Self Assessment. You are able to try out the Self Assessment online with no obligation or cost. Payment is only required when you submit your application, with supporting evidence, for approval.

You can assemble and evidence your submission over time and save it online until you are ready to submit your application for assessment.

The Green Accord assesses your company's:

  • Core environmental competencies
  • Waste practices
  • Energy and Water use
  • Transport and Equipment operations
  • Procurement and Business practice

The Self Assessment provides clear definition, guidance and clarification of evidence required to support your submission. The guidance provided is industry wide, from companies such as the Environment Agency, Envirowise and the Carbon Trust.

Reduced Costs

The Green Accord requires more efficient use of resources to reduce environmental impact, which will typically bring a saving on utilities, waste and transport costs. Savings derived from reductions in energy use, transport, waste and water usage as well as an improved environmental awareness have been realised by many clients.


The Green Accord provides practical guidance and support, to implement the changes in business operations for company benefit

Business Opportunities

A recognised environmental accreditation will distinguish you from your competitors and create new business opportunities with clients looking for 'green' suppliers with environmental credentials.

Resource light and low cost

A simple to use Self Assessment that offers a wealth of guidance to help suppliers through the accreditation process.


The tiered system of accreditation that supports SMEs and companies of all sizes to obtain recognition applicable to their level of achievement:

Accreditation starts at Select level (red apple status) and increases through Superior level (yellow apple status) to the highest Premier level (green apple status). Whilst applicants can apply for any level of accreditation at any time, the levels provide an incentive, encouraging businesses to improve and achieve a higher level of Green Accord Accreditation, therefore making greater environmental savings

Cost Effective

The Green Accord is an inclusive scheme, and the cost structure reflects that:

  • Fewer than 5 employees £100 + vat
  • 5 to 250 employees £200 + vat
  • Over 250 employees £500 + vat

The Fee covers a robust audit of the assessment that is valid for 2 years and a certificate and media to promote your environmental excellence.

Supports Corporate Social Responsibility

Compliments company reputation, providing for improved perception and business opportunities. The Green Accord is a simple but effective way of demonstrating your Green Credentials and those of your supply chain.


The Green Accord accreditation lasts 2 years, is owned by you and is transferable; allowing you to demonstrate your environmental credentials to any client.